Stand Construction

Getting a sturdy stand for you hive to sit on is important.  Unlike most of the other hive components, I make the stand from pressure treated lumber.  To construct the stand, here’s what you’ll need:

  • 8′ 4×4 post
  • 6′ 2×6
  • 8′ 1×4
  • 3″ Deck Screws

To start with, I build a frame from 2×6 lumber which is the same dimensions as the hive bottom board (22″ x 16 1/4″).


Next, I cut 4 22″ legs from a 4×4.  The height is not too critical.  You want to keep the hive up off the ground, out of the water, etc.  Also, since you’ll be working in the hive, it’s nice to have it at a level that facilitates that work.  Finally, having it higher may help keep curious pests out (don’t completely count on that).

Mount the legs on the long side of the frame.  I come in from the inside of the frame with 3″ deck screws to secure them in place.



Finally, add supports to the legs.  Again, placement is not too critical.  I’ve found that having them higher is better from a usability standpoint.  First, I use the supports to hang my smoker on as I’m working in the hive.  Second, I occasionally weed eat (wearing my bee suit) under the hive to keep the grass and ants down.   To get at the grass under the hive, you need clearance to get the weed eater in there.  The supports are made by cutting 2 1×4’s at 22″ and 2 1×4’s at 24.75″.  Here’s what it looks like:

Here’s a link to the PDF file (Click to open, or Save As):  Here’s the link:

Download (PDF, 221KB)

My First Attempt:

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